B2BinPay Adds LINK to the List of Available Cryptocurrencies

B2BinPay platform makes it possible for enterprises to accept, receive, store, and send Chainlink coins, enlarging the list of available cryptocurrencies.

The majority of smart-contracts trying to replace stocks, insurance services, and other traditional financial agreements need to obtain access to several sources outside the blockchain. Chainlink offers such intermediaries to connect smart-contracts with payment and even traditional banking solutions. LINK is a cryptocurrency used within the ecosystem.

This crypto was launched in 2017, and its initial price was only $0.19 per coin. The year 2020 witnessed the real boom – the LINK price has skyrocketed by 550%, while its Return On Investment index is 6 776%. The crypto entered the top-10 ranking according to the market capitalization, and the 24 hours trading volumes are among the top-10 highest indexes. What else should investors know about this promising asset?

  1. According to the experts, LINK is among the most progressive assets, while its price growth overruns the indexes of Bitcoin and top altcoins.
  2. The partnership with Google and Swift showed the digital asset is about to grow rapidly.
  3. The coin has an “army of supporters” who influence the growth. According to The Block, the Chainlink network hosts about 1500 new LINK holders daily.

B2BinPay shows customers that the platform keeps up with the times, wishing to make services innovative and corresponding to the demands of all customers.

The Chainlink network attracted $32 million of investments, while its present-day market capitalization is $4.21 billion. The project is intended to revolutionize the Web3 world, bringing innovations to our life. Tens of projects have already joined this initiative; hence, LINK coin is about to continue its way to new peaks.

B2BinPay and Chainlink have much in common. Both are interested in innovations and making the world better.

Customers are now able to receive and send LINK coins from their enterprises’ wallets. Furthermore, enterprises may easily exchange LINKs to other digital assets with the most beneficial fees.

B2BinPay customers obtain a convenient, safe, and secure way to connect the crypto world. The platform is innovation-friendly and user-friendly; hence, clients may select one of eight available languages to make the interface the most understandable. Digitalization is something that has already come, and B2BinPay becomes a firm bridge to enter that brave new world!