XSigma Makes DeFi History with Nasdaq Backing

Decentralized finance, or DeFi, has become one of the year’s most remarkable growth stories. As millions of users converge on this new paradigm-shifting technology, questions surrounding the legitimacy and accountability of DeFi platforms are becoming more critical. Although there are hundreds of companies in the DeFi sector, only one is backed by an SEC-regulated, publicly listed enterprise—xSigma Corporation.

Founded in 2018 as a blockchain research and development lab, xSigma is a subsidiary of ZK International Group (NASDAQ: ZKIN), a multinational manufacturing and technology company with a presence in Asia, Europe and North America. Through the support of its parent company, xSigma is building a decentralized marketplace that will allow for the proliferation of affordable financial services, payment solutions and custody.

XSigma’s public backing and world-class development team bring a new level of transparency, accountability and legitimacy to the DeFi sector. Through ZK International, xSigma can bridge the gap between the booming crypto vertical and the functionality of more established trade-fi platforms. The result is a solution that combines the best of both worlds: the trustless design of DeFi coupled with the functionality of traditional finance.

To aid xSigma’s development, ZK International recently announced a partnership with Dentoro Alliance LP, a major European software company that will provide key development and operational resources to the DeFi subsidiary. The Dentoro agreement adds to xSigma’s in-house capacity and reputational strength, ensuring a smooth project rollout over the next several years. XSigma currently employs an award-winning team of software developers, project managers and engineers formerly of Google, Facebook, Amazon, Ripple Labs, 1inch and others.

ZK International provides xSigma the human and capital resources required to address the myriad issues currently undermining DeFi adoption, especially among more traditional mainstream investors. XSigma’s forthcoming decentralized exchange will offer a user-friendly platform for token swapping, farming, governance and account management. Further down the road, these functionalities will be enhanced with new lending and borrowing services, a regulated custodial exchange and a derivatives platform for blockchain assets. XSigma’s enhanced user experience will replace the faulty UI, stuck transactions, pricing error and pooling issues that currently plague DeFi projects.

The DeFi solutions that prevail in the long run will combine outstanding technology with a team, vision and backers of equal caliber. Through ZK International, XSigma is in a position to lead the nascent DeFi industry and onboard a new generation of users.

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