Amidst the Pandemic, CoinsPaid Stands a Winner

2020 has been a tough year for business enterprises. Some of them are trying to reclaim their lost glaze while others have sailed past, doing even better than other years. A new wave of digital transformation is taking over businesses, and in terms of adoption, users have also embraced it. The trick is to look at the bigger picture, and very few organizations do this. The pandemic year and beyond can be an aberration but are businesses only bound for the short term?

The answer is no because businesses have to plan long term, and this is where organizations like Coinspaid have fared well.

Established almost six years ago, CoinsPaid has grown more than five times, including the pandemic-afflicted year. With more than 100 business partners and about 3 million satisfied customers, Coinspaid is a much-trusted brand in the world of uncertainty. The company provides solutions that trigger the need to adopt cryptocurrencies not just at the individual level but also at a business one.

Competitive advantage offered

Why has CoinsPaid fared so well? It has introduced a host of products and carved a reliable brand image into the industry. The organization offers a gamut of advantages over others in the industry.

  • Transactions are confirmed instantly with a split-second transaction confirmation and diverse options to do so.
  • Instant seems to be the go word because CoinsPaid offers the instant exchange of cryptocurrencies to traditional ones, without any gray operations and chargebacks.
  • Security concerns have been highlighted, especially this year in the cryptocurrency industry. A weak and vulnerable system is exposed to hacks and attacks, proving that organizations have been complacent at times. Such is not the case with CoinsPaid thanks to frequent security audits run by third-party audit companies. So, there is a great deal of fair information available to the public before they decide to go for it.
  • The CoinsPaid system accepts more than 50 cryptocurrencies, which means that businesses can choose which crypto they want to exchange. All the prominent ones are on the list.

CoinsPaid has an enviable deck of products

Organizations have stayed away from launching new products this year and previously because of recessionary trends and local situations. But, CoinsPaid being future-oriented, has created several solutions disrupting the cryptocurrency industry. Let us take a look at them:

Cryptoprocessing by CoinsPaid

Organizations often face difficulties integrating cryptocurrencies as a payment method for goods and services. Realizing this is a system defunct, Cryptoprocessing by CoinsPaid provides companies with an API that roots this out. The ecosystem now processes more than 3% of all the BTC transactions globally with a record of 5 deposits per minute.


Source: Coinspaid – Cryptoprocessing flowchart of processes

 Cryptoprocessing endows the merchant with an instant payment method where the exchange rate is fixed at the time of completion.


  • Instant transactions with fair exchange rates
  • No hidden fees like in the case of competition, it’s fair and transparent
  • The company offers payments in LTC, BCH, ETH, and other cryptocurrencies to make convenient transactions anytime.


Unlike other players, OTC is an exchange service for large funds with extremely affordable low fees. The platform offers an instant exchange of more than 30 cryptocurrencies and over 20 fiat currencies at the best rates.


  • A team is a group of experienced professionals
  • OTC offers a deep liquidity pool
  • No sleepovers because of 24/7 platform’s upkeep
  • Competitive fee

White Label

Legal compliances and financial complications are important for a business, but they have to go door-to-door to get experts to work for them. What if there was a one-stop solution, which provides financial and legal support. OTC by CoinsPaid gets the necessary licenses for your project. It will also take care of the financial aspects like opening an account and will provide round the clock (24/7) technical support.


  • A single roof for marketing, technical, financial, and legal support
  • Allows organizations to save up to 70% costs relieving from contacting different companies and paying them their fees.

CoinsPaid Wallet

A B2C wallet with two-factor authentication is a one-touch payment service. Cryptocurrency-related operations with data integrity, the security of payments, low fees, and rapidity define this product.


Source: Coinspaid – how the process works


CoinsPaid B2B solutions for the iGaming industry stand at #1, making it one of the most successful cryptocurrency organizations today!