Fighting Climate Change With MOSS Carbon Credits (MCO2)

MOSS is an organization that fights the roots of climate change. The biggest mission it has undertaken on its shoulders is to cherish and harbor sustainable actions to ensure that future generations are given the gift of a better planet. MOSS has created one of the largest and path-breaking concepts that specialize in the purchase of carbon credits generated by the best environmental projects.

Forests are some of the biggest gifts nature could have given us, but it needs help to uplift it on its path to destruction. By purchasing these carbon credits, users can contribute, support this nature’s gift, and save Life on Earth. The platform is focused on saving the planet by the sourcing and selling of carbon credits. MOSS is firm on reducing deforestation in the world and bringing it to zero!

Understanding Carbon credits

A carbon credit is essentially a digital certificate that proves that an organization or an environmental project has prevented 1 ton of CO2 emission in a given year. Carbon credits are not decentralized because they are audited and registered by international institutions. So essentially speaking, they are intangible assets, and a majority of the credits are traded and quoted in US dollars.

The MOSS platform is the largest carbon platform globally that serves as an easy-to-use virtual space for users to buy, store and offset carbon credits. It provides a digital platform that sells carbon credits to individuals and companies.

How it works

With its three-layered functioning of buying, storing, and offsetting MOSS completes the circle. Let’s analyze it:

  • Buy – Moss selects the best environmental and certified projects and offers its carbon credits tokenized through its platform. MOSS will lend support by storing your carbon credits in a digital wallet.
  • Store – As the platform aims to be decentralized and transparent, nothing can be as safe as storing them here until they are offset.
  • Offset – Become a proud contributor and save Earth even with your little contribution. MOSS allows you to offset your carbon footprint anytime you wish to.

MCO2 token takes a great start

The MCO2 token of MOSS can be touted as one of the largest tokenization initiatives in history to date. The organization has created a lot of positive buzz around it, which is why the token sale flourished. Investors from different zones participated in it because they wanted to contribute to the cause. The great token sales generated funds out of which $10 million have already been sent to various Amazon Forest Conservation projects in 8 months. The projects and the funds are also being put to use at a ground level wherein the expansion of these projects to 300 thousand hectares is being initialized. The fund amount is considered the largest amount ever sent by a private player to Amazon Conservation projects.

The token has been under a rigorous audit process and has undergone audit layers from top audit firms before release. Highly credible and respectable audit firms like Perkins Coie, CertiK, among the main ones. The MCO2 token is already creating a buzz within the industry and has been consistent in its rankings. It is already placed 190 in its rankings in terms of marketcap. With a market cap of $40 million, MCO2 is slowly inching its way towards not just popularity but also a jolt to become aware of how we are destroying nature.