A 15 y.o. boy Earns 0.5 BTC in One Day!

An American teenager from Miami, Florida earned 0.7 BTC in one day. His name is Karl Miller and he is a Miami Country Day School student.

A local media asked him several questions.

The boy says that he stumbled upon an article about the RJVX12 algorithm on the Internet. The company mentioned there offered passive income on cryptocurrency up to several percent a day, but the teenager didn’t have any money to invest. The company suggested that he use their affiliate program, where you can invite your friends and colleagues as investors and get a percentage of the transaction.

According to Karl, he sent out his partner link to a dozen boards and told hundreds of people about the possibility of investing. For several weeks every night after school, he was working with this affiliate program and when the quarantine began, he started dedicating almost his whole day to it.

As the teenager told us, he has already begun to earn at least $200-300 per day when one of the investors who went through his referral link on the 10th of February made a deposit of 10 bitcoins. That’s how Karl immediately received a commission of 0.5 BTC (at the rate of that date it was more than $ 20000).

Right now Karl wants to give some of the money to his parents and set some of it aside for college. He plans to continue working as a partner of the company and keep earning money from the affiliate program.

The RJV12X algorithm is a way of analyzing and predicting the cost forecast of securities, shares, and cryptocurrencies. It was developed in the summer of 2020 by a group of scientists from Oxford University along with analysts from FBC Limited.

At first, the goal of the joint action was to create an AI that would independently predict the situation, but after several years of failed affords, the project team rethought their actions.

It was decided not to teach AI to make decisions on its own, but to set the goal of developing a universal algorithm for predicting the cost forecast, based on which the analysts themselves would predict the “bullish” or “bearish” scenario of a particular security.

In summer 2020, a team of scientists and financial analysts successfully completed the work on the algorithm and managed to achieve phenomenal results. Based on the RJVX12 algorithm, the accuracy of the analysts’ forecasts from FBC limited reached an incredible 97.6%.


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