NicoBit is a cryptocurrency mining and sales organization with a focus to create one of the largest Bitcoin mining farms in the USA.  We believe cryptocurrency radically enhances the ways we can store, process, and exchange value.  The same way that the internet democratized information, Bitcoin has the potential to democratize finance.  We further believe that Bitcoin (symbol BTC), with its reputation as “internet cash,” is only going to become a more important and valuable cryptocurrency as countries and companies increase their control of digital assets.

NicoBit Inc will position its business to effectively mine and create Bitcoin to sell.  Also known as Bitcoin “farming,” this business is based in Las Vegas, Nevada where we have an established business history and secured facility. The company is founded and managed by long-time business partners Maurice Napoli and Christina Frankola.

What started as a Proof of Concept in the summer of 2019 has evolved into an exciting business venture.  By building a profitable cryptocurrency mining company through contributions to the transaction records in Bitcoin’s public ledger of transactions –the block chain– to create Bitcoin, NicoBit will fulfill its vision.

CEO Christina Frankola is a seasoned operations manager who has been involved in a B2B service-oriented industry specializing in the micro-businesses for the last decade in both Las Vegas and New York City.  Experienced in corporate project- and consumer relationship- management, technologies and operations, Ms. Frankola graduated with a Masters of Business Administration Degree in Information Management and Marketing Management from Pace University in New York City. 

CTO Richard Martes has more than two decades technology experience, most recently serving as Director of Information Technology for the country’s largest national Social Security advocacy firm. Mr. Martes is very passionate about how technology drives successful enterprises. By his strong technical and leadership skills, he easily motivates his team members to not only embrace new technological challenges but to also continually perform at their highest level to receive optimal results. Mr. Martes graduated from Pepperdine University with a degree in Science in Business Management and is also an Oracle Certified Professional.

President Maurice Napoli has over 25 years experience working in various capacities within Business Management, Internet services, Applications implementation, and Sales and Marketing.  Further, Mr. Napoli has extensive experience in leading call centers through their cradle to grave startup processes. He has managed more than 40 people on a day-to-day basis, increasing revenue and customer service techniques at very high levels. Mr. Napoli graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix. 

Shown here: NicoBit operations warehouse, a freestanding 6000 sq ft building with gated 4000 sq ft yard space minutes away from McCarran Airport and the Las Vegas Strip.  1000 sq ft office space; 4000 sq ft warehouse; 1000 sq ft mezzanine level area.