OKEx C2C Loans Now Available Against OKB as Collateral

The leading crypto spot and derivatives exchange platform OKEx has now started to accept the OK Blockchain Foundation’s global utility token OKB as collateral for C2C Loans. Apart from OKB, the platform also accepts collateral deposits in the form of Bitcoin (BTC) and ether (ETH), while keeping its options open to expand it further.

With the inclusion of OKB, OKEx is not only driving the real-world applications of OKB, but also offering a more attractive option to those looking for C2C loans. According to the announcement, users borrowing USDT by pledging OKB can benefit from zero service fees and a very low interest of up to 0.01% per day, which is about 10 times less than other players in the sector.

About the developments surrounding OKB, the CEO of OKEx Jay Hao said, “OKB is continuously focused on expanding its application scenarios, and we are pleased to offer holders the chance to take out loans using OKB at the lowest rates. In addition to this, OKB has teamed up with Aeron’s Pilot Shop, allowing holders to buy goods and services with OKEx’s adopted global utility token. We welcome Aeron to the OKB ecosystem, providing OKB holders with a bridge between crypto and physical goods and services.”

The OKEx C2C loans are highly flexible when it comes to the amount, tenure, collateral, and interest rates. By pledging OKB, BTC, or ETH, users can secure a loan of anywhere between 200 USDT and 1 million USDT for a period ranging from one week to three months. It is also an attractive investment option for lenders as they can earn an annualized income of 6% to 10% instead of parking their funds in traditional savings accounts where the interest rates are close to zero. Even if the borrowers end up repaying the loan early, lenders still get to enjoy 50% of the unexpired interest income.

The collaboration with Aeron’s Pilot Shop is another important milestone for OKB as the tokenholders can now purchase flying sessions, aviation merchandise, branded items, and even their own helicopter. Aeron is the creation of a team of pilots, aviation engineers, and enthusiasts working on using blockchain technology to enhance aviation safety. All OKB supported transactions on Aeron can be conducted on its online shop.

There are more partnerships in the making and soon OKEx plans to expand the use of OKB across different platforms, giving more options for people to spend their tokens in the process.