The Transcendence Project Introduces a Highly Efficient VIM3-based Crypto Miner, More in Store

TELOS, which is part of the Transcendence project, has made great strides in recent times with new developments as it strives to create decentralized solutions with real-world applications covering different segments of the industry. These developments now include the optimization of cryptocurrency mining hardware in the form of customized VIM3 boards and the support of projects that align with TELOS’ vision.

The new customized VIM3 mining boards, called VIM3-ME, are created by as energy-efficient devices designed to meet the needs of crypto miners. While an ordinary VIM3 board is priced around 150 euros, the latest version, which sheds a few unnecessary components, costs much less at around 100 euros. Its low cost, combined with reduced power consumption and increased efficiency, makes it the ideal tool for profitable cryptocurrency mining.

The VIM3-ME mining equipment is available in 6 different versions:

– the Miner Teloscoin edition which has its own set of advantages.
– the Early Bird version,
– the Miner Edition,
– the Miner XBTX Edition,
– the Miner NHS Edition
– the Cluster Edition.

While the hardware specifications remain the same for all the different Editions, the mode of payment and other costs associated with mining vary from an edition to edition.

The “Miner Teloscoin” edition offers the best value for money in the form of additional benefits, including a 3% discount on the device and free colocation ( In this format, the miner is hosted in the provider’s premises, at their expense while offering the flexibility for users to get the boards delivered to their place in case they change their mind). The Transcendence project is actively collaborating with Khadas for the mass production of this new hardware.

Profitable Mining with VIM3-ME

The project team found that mining XBTX was very profitable with the new machines based on the VIM3-ME. The 5W boards used in these machines can be compared to an EPYC CPU cluster in terms of efficiency, but they are much cheaper and with energy cost 3 times lower than that of the Odroid XU4. In addition to TELOS and XBTX – its complementary coin, it is able to mine a large number of cryptocurrencies. XBTX is a fork of X16r Raven, recently upgraded with Verium’s ASIC-resistant Scrypt2 algorithm.

As an example, a 90 VIM3-ME cluster will produce around 1 Kh/s with the scrypt2 algo for a total consumption of about 500w.

To obtain a comparable hashrate, it would be necessary to use no less than 9 Epyc 7401P, i.e. more than 1500w and that’s only for the CPUs!! (to which it is necessary to add as many motherboards, hard disks, ram…).

From a performance/price point of view, the ratio is unbeatable.

 Nowadays mining the flagship cryptography – Bitcoin, is no longer accessible to individuals because of the costs of the required specific mining hardware. The VIM3-ME mining hardware comes as one of the best solutions for those who want to go into mining and thus generate revenue for themselves. The XBTX coins can be easily managed with the widespread PolisPay wallet and spent on vouchers, or used to top up a MasterCard ePay card for everyday expenses. But XBTX is only an example, as those boards are very efficient to work with any CPU-specific algorithms.

Beyond Mining

This top-notch mining hardware is only one of the recent developments in the TELOS ecosystem. Other notable developments include the creation of leading projects such as Alexandria which uses proof of storage to create a decentralized internet, KYC solutions, the Greenbox project, and many others.

These developments pave the way for future developments that include a new wallet, a marketplace, mining nodes, proof of storage and proof of gain networks, which could be up and running in less than a month.

Mining Hardware, Now Available for Pre-order

The VIM3-ME mining equipment is now available for pre-order. “Early Bird” devices can be purchased at an attractive price, either individually or in bulk. Those who purchase the community edition of the equipment will also receive a t-shirt with their order.

Order it here